Monday, 10 August 2015

Special Counselling Round

Special Counselling Round for NIT / IIT Special Counselling round for Admissions on vacant seats in NITs / IITs announced. Please log last date is 11th August 2015

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


BANAE - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers Nagpur


General Body Meeting of BANAE, Nagpur Branch is being held on Sunday, 9th August 2015 @ 11.00 am @ Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskritik Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Urvilla Colony, Wardha Road Nagpur.
All members are requested to attend the GBM. Any Member who wishes to give his subject for discussion in GBM should send it, in writing to Association upto 3/8/2015.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association Of Engineers (BANAE)




BARTI is inviting online applications for Coaching classes of UPSC (civil services) @ Nagpur, Pune, & Aurangabad against the vacant seats. The last date for acceptance of application is 12 july 2015. Please visit BARTI’S

(Click on Guidelines for BARTI-UPSC-RC-CET-2016-II) for details. 

Social Justice Department

Admission to B C Hostel for Boys & Girls.
Social Justice Department of GOM is inviting online applications for admission to Govt.
B. C. Hostel for boys & Girls. The last date for applications is-
Pre matric & Junior Colleges – 26/7/2015
Senior of Professional Colleges – 10/8/2015
Please visit Website for details


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015


CDAC Diploma in Advanced

BARTI is sponsoring candidates of SC community to undergo CDAC Diploma in Advanced software Development & Methodologiest (DASDM) course of about 9 Months duration. The total no. Of seats @ Nagpur- 100, Aurangabad- 100, & Pune- 200. 50% seats are reserved for women & 3% for Disabled persons.
After completion of DASM cource, it helps to work as Software Developer, Programmer, Tester, System Analyst in IT industry & associated sector.
The Last date of application is 21st Jully 2015. For details please visit BARTI”s

Click Here for website /BARTI_DASDM

Friday, 19 June 2015

Engineering Admission Guidance

Engineering Admission Guidance
Workshop shall be held on 20th June 2015 @ 5.30 pm @ Banae Hall Uroovela colony Nagpur. Felicitation of meritorious students of 12th standard will be also held on this occasion. Interested students can register their names upto 5.30 pm of scheduled date.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Technotium workshop

Technetium workshop 2

Technotium Work


RTE2 Banaengp


Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers Nagpur


Prashna Manjusha

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers Nagpur

Banae IIT15

Buddha & His Dhamma Lokarpan

26 January

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Contact Us

Contact Us

President/ Secretary,

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers.
Address:Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Sanskrutik Bhavan,
Uroovela colony in front of Sai mandir,
Wardha Road, Nagpur - 440015.
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.
Contact no:+91 987 654 3210

Account Holder- Banae ngp
A/C NO10371309192
IFSC CodeSBIN 0008239

Books Of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Books Of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Social Welfare Activities

Printing & Distribution ‘Buddha & His Dhamma’
While talking about the essential steps required for revival of ‘Buddha Dhamma’ in India, Dr.Ambedkar, at Rangoon’s ‘World Fellowship of Buddhist’ Conference on 4th Dec 1954, expressed the dire need of a book about ‘Buddha Dhamma’ which can be kept by a every Buddhist converts with him, as it is wrong to expect the studying of 73 Volumes of Pali Tripitaka by a common man. Accordingly he has written & gave us the book ‘Buddha & his Dhamma’ after embracing us in Dhamma on 14th Oct 1956 at Nagpur.

‘Buddha Dhamma’ is human centered. It gives the teachings of Equality, Liberty & Fraternity. It also stresses on ‘be the light of self’ (Atta Deepa Bhava) which resulted in liberating the man from Atma-Parmatma & Superstition-Magic.

Dr Ambedkar has owed to make whole of India, the Buddhist. After his Mahaparinirvan, it is the responsibility of every individual to fulfill his owe & for that it is the duty of every individual to propagate the Dhamma. To start with we need to have ‘Buddha & his Dhamma’ book with every individual. This book available in market is costing around Rs 200/- which cannot be afforded by the poor person who is struggling for his two square meal & suffering from hands to mouth condition.

Keeping this constraints of poor in mind & to act on direction given by Dr Ambedkar at Rangoon & also in partial fulfillment of his owe, BANAE had decided to print & distribute this book at very nominal cost. On every ‘Dhamma Chakra Pravartan day’, 10 to 15 lakhs of our people, mostly pertaining to villages, visit Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur. BANAE has grabbed this opportunity to reach to such poor people.

Accordingly from year 2010 upto 2014, about 3.10 lakh copies in different languages namely Marathi, Hindi & English have been printed & distributed at Deeksha Bhoomi by BANAE.

Pranshna Manjusha and Shodh Nibandha

Economic Activities

Economic Activities

The general mindset of our community is to depend on services that we are getting out of reservations. However due to globalization and privatisation the socio- economic structure of society as a whole has considerably changed and it has become difficult to get jobs. (the process has already started) Naturely we have to lay the way in business, trade & entraprenership, for coming generation. We must prepare our community to have a substantial stake in this field which will definately safegaurd the socio- economic interest of coming generation in future.

Due to globalisation the world has come closer & globe has become market. We can avail this facility of market by satisfying needs of community. The rules, regulation, market position, demands, need supply & availability of raw material, the machineries & equiptment required for production & the detail process can be assessed through internet. Besides the world of advertisement captures the sentiments of customer, creating demands which can be linked up with sales. The products which otherwise were hard to get the market is having many options to sale due to free & competative market.

Government of India has notified that 4% procurement of annual requirement for goods & services by all Central Ministries, Public Sector Undertaking will be from Micro & small enterprises (MSE) owned by SC/ST entrepreneur. The policy will become mandatory from year 2015 onwards. Besides both Central & state government has given many facilities to backword classes for establishing new business.

In the era of globlisation, to be an entrepreneur has become a sign of prosperity. Therefore it is felt that engineers upcoming from our community should jump in to the field of business, trade & entrepreneurship. BANAE has already created a “Entrapreneur cell” to help and cater guidance to develop & establish business. It is requested to contract Er. Prafulla Wankhede Joint Secretary BANAE (Mobil No. 9822693727) in this regards.

Click Here for MIDC Website 

Click Here for MSSIDC Website 

Welfare of Engineers in Services

Grienvence Committee
Engineers in service has to face injustice due to late promotions,  inconvement posting and due to complicated service rules. However Govt. Redressal mechanism is not readily  available with the Govt. or is nonresponsive. Under this situation the Engineers in service feal helpless.  The another important part is that he is not aware of the service rules and various Government Resolution which governance the service matters and needs to be educated.

It is also a matter of concern that many pettiones in Court regarding reservation in promotion and relataed service matters  are moved by upper cast persones against the Govt. policies.  However due to lithargy and irresponsive behavior of persons handling the matter,  those cases are not pleaded properly. As such it is necessary to intervene the matter so that court decision should not go against us.

Consideing all above aspects a Grievence Committee is formed by the Executive Committee to handle such grievences. The members are there fore advised to refer their grievences  suitably.
Ther are also sinailar organasation in this field and  help of them can be also sought if required directly or through Association

  1. Castribe
  2. Maharashtra Rajya Magasvargiya Vidyut Karmachari Sangh
For redressal of Grievences, a Grievence Committee has been formed by BANAE Executive Committee Nagpur Branch as below
  1. Er. S. G. Dahiwade – President

    Mob. 9890089478

  2. Er. M. S. Bhaladhare – Secretary

    Mob. 9422110238

  3. Ayu. Kamlesh Gaikwad – Adviser


  4. Er. N. V. Taksande – Member


All members of BANAE are requested to refer their Grievences to Grievence Committee 

Student Welfare Activities

Student Welfare Activities

Maharashtra public Service Commision Maharashtra Service of Engineers

MPSC is a constitutional body established under Article 315 of Constitution of India. It provides a smooth and efficient functioning of Govt. of Maharashtra by providing suitable candidates for various Govt. posts and advice Govt. on various matters like formulation of Recruitment Rules (RR), promotions, transfers, & disciplinary matters et.

MPSC recruit Class -I & Class-II posts of various Govt. Departments such as Revenue, Home, Medical, Finance besides Engg. Services in Irrigation and Public Works Dept.

As for as Engineering Services are concerned MPSC is conducting competative Examination for following points.

  1. Assistant Engineer (civil) class – II (Group B)
  2. Assistant Engineer (civil) class – I ) (Group A)
  3. Assistant Executive Engineer (civil)  (Group A)
  4. Deputy Engineer Electrical, Electrical  Inspecter (Group A)
  5. Deputy Engineer Mechanical (Group A)
The candidate those are selected as Assistant Engineer -II are eligible from promotion as Sub-divisional Engineer, Executive Engineer Candidates those selected for Assistant Engineer – I are eligible to get promotion as Executive Engineer within 8-10 years & further promotion Supritanding Engineer. Candidate selected as Assistant Executive Engineers get promoted after 4 yrs. & can get further promotion as Superitanding Engineer, Chief Engineer upto secretary. Similar chances are available to candidates selected in Electrical/ Mechanical Wing)

The Examination for above posts are conducted almost every year and the programme for the same is declared on MPSC web site alongwith syllabus & Questain papers of last examination.

The candidates have to go for following Competative examination for Maharashtra Service of Engineers.

Sr. No.Name of  ExamGrope AGrope B
1Precliminary100 Marks100 Marks
2Main Exam750 Marks550 Marks
3Interview100 Marks75 Marks

The Details of Electrical/ Mechanical Wing are available on MPSC Website.

The Graduates Coming out of the Engineering college are adviced to compete for such examinations & necessary Guidance to them shall be provided by BANAE.

Financial Assistance to Students.

Some of the students persuing studies in Engineering colleges/polytechnic come from poor Family. Some of them get adimisions in Govt. Backward Class Hostel, however some of them take education on thire own. It is a matter of apprehesion that due to poor financial position they may quit their studies. It is therefore necessorry to give them financial assistance so that they can continue their studies, become sucessful Engineers of serve the society in future.

In order to fulfill this noble cause BANAE has taken initiative and planned scheme of financial assistance. The Guidelines for students eligible for financial assistance are as below.
  1. Any student aspiring for Engg. Degree/Diploma shall be regular students & shall be eligible ofter passing previous year /semester or shall be at least promoted to next /semester.
  2. The income of family shall be same as applicable for GOI Scholership.
  3. The selected students shall be enrolled as student member of BANAE and ofter passing Degree/Diploma they should enroll as LM of BANAE.
  4. The Assistance is  refundable and payable after he gets service & a bond to that effect is executed.
  5. The Assistance shall be deposited through cheque / ECS.
  It is requested to students aspiring for engineering Degree/Diploma to take advantage of this facility with the Association.

Student Chapter

The students of Engineering colleges/Polytechnics are future “Assests” of our society. During their student life they should be made aware of thoughts of Dr. Babasahen Ambedkar, Dhamma and also the importance of Organisation.

BANAE in its constitution has made a Provision of students members & formation of student chapter. Any student of engineering having faith in ideology and philosophy of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is eligible for student membership. In case the no. of student members exceeds 50 they can form a seperat executive Committee which will be duly elected by students Members as per the guidlines speciefied in constitution.

The student executive Committee shall have the same constitution as per the branch executive Committee and its President & Secretary shall be co-opted members of Executive Committee. In case of non existence of students executive Committee, two suitable students will be co-opted as members of executive Committee.

The students are requested to come forward to form the student chapter and take part in the Activities of BANAE.

Click Here for MPSC Website 

Personality Development

Everybody wants to be successful in life. In order & survive in todays world one needs to be smart and quick oriented all the time. It is no longer howmuch effort you put into your work but ones personality also has a lot to do with what one achieves.

Personality Develoment is something which is considered as inspiring the way we think, feel, behave and carry ourselves. It is a cluster of qualities help in achieving and presenting oneself in a better way.

Students passing from Engineering Colleges have to appear for interview for getting jobs in corporate sector, Public service, commissions etc. It is found that students appearing for interview are losing in Personality Develoment and weak in English. Due to this our candidates although good in professional knowledge are deprired from getting selected.

Looking to this asped BANAE has Planned for Personality Development and English Speaking courses to build up the confidence in them while facing interviews to build up their carrier.

Admission Guidance to IIT / NIT / Engineering Colleges

Felicitation of Merit Students

Shilpkar Magazine

Shilpkar Magazine
“Manavateche Shilpakar” Magezine serves as a bridge between the Association and our society. BANAE comprises of intellectuals who have faith in idealogy and the philosophis of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. In order to reach their thoughts to society a Magezine of Banaes ├čManavateche Shilpakar” is published by Association.

The Writers of the Magazine are the Life Members of the Association and other intellectuais from Society. Association is also holding the essay Competition and Prashnamanjusha on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar thoughts and also Dhamma all over the Maharashtra. The best essays and the Prashnamanjusha Question with Answers is also published in the magazine for information to readers.

Besides the above Reports and activities of various branches of Association are also published.

“Manavateche Shilpakar” is at present published twice in a year and is intered to be published monthly.

Marriage Hall & Conference Hall

Marriage Hall & Conference Hall

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Cultural Hall

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers Nagpur has constructed a precious 6000 sq. ft. cultural Hall in the Heart of city @ Uroovela colony Nagpur near chhatrapati square. It is a mediam between Association & common Public and is constructed as a social responsibility. The cultural hall can be used for social, cultural and Educational Purposes.

The Hall is having a 4000 sq. ft. area, two rooms, and 1500 sq. ft. area for kitchen, Dinining besides necessary wash rooms & drinking water supply arrangement. To meet the lunch or dinner requirement utensils necessary for 1000-1500 persones and Bichhayat articals are also available. The hall is equiped with sound system which can be used for limited period due to existing hours. There are also some mandatory restrictions as per Nagpur Muncipal Corporation guidelines for using the hall.

The cultural Hall is available to Public @ a nominal rent Rs. 18,000/- day (Eighteen Thousand per day).

Conferance Hall

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers Nagpur has also constructed a “Conference Hall” at the top floor above the Cultural hall. The Conference Hall is generally used by Associations for their various functions held during the year. The Conference Hall is also made available to institutes that are related to social, Relegious & Educational activities if desired.

The sitting capacity of hall is of 170 persones with stage, Podium & sound system. The hall is air conditioned and is having facility of digital projector & screen for presentation. The conference hall is attached with hall which can be used for display of books & Litrature besides it is also useful for arranging Tea/snacks for the delegates attending the function. The conference hall is having a reperate wash rooms and drinking water supply arrangement.

The conference hall is available to institutions @ a nominal rent of Rs. 1,000/- applicable for 3 hours.

Banaengp Banaengp BanaengpBanaengp Banaengp BanaengpBanaengp Banaengp BanaengpBanaengp Banaengp Banaengp

Executive Committee 2014-2016

President :-

Dr. S. K. Talware:- 
DEE, B E(E),LLB,BASM, MD(AM), MBA (Marketing), PGDHRM, MA(DAT), 
He is Presently Working as Director, TERM, Nagpur, under Min. of Communication & I T, Govt of India. He is Associated with BANAE From Last 28 years & has worked in various capacities @ Aurangabad & Kolhapur. He has been honoured 'Dhamma Ratna' Award by Hupri's (Kolhapur) Pradhya Prasar Samiti.

Vice President :-

Er. G. D. Jambhulkar, 
BE Civil 
He has retired as Director of Slums from Nagpur Muncipal Corporation He has also worked as a Executive Engineer NMC Nagpur He is associated with BANAE from last 35 years and is also President of Akhil Bhartiya SC/ST Karmchari Parishad, Maharashtra.

Secretary :-

Er. N. V. Taksande 
BE (Civil) LLB, DBM 
He has retired as Chief Engineer; from Public Works Department, Govt. of Maharashtra and is presently practising as Structural Engineer and Techno legal consultant in Nagpur. He is associated with BANAE from last 30 years and has also worked as Vice President in past.

Joint Secretary :-

Prafulla M. Wankhede 
B.E. (civil), M.A. (Mass Communication)
He is working in Real Estate business from last 12 years He is Associated with BANAE from last 10 years.

Treasurer :-

Ravindra Janbandhu 
He is working as Executive Engineer in Nagpur Improvement Trust Nagpur. He is associated with BANAE from last 26 years and worked as Internal Auditer of BANAE Nagpur branch during last term.

Internal Auditer :-

Er. Nilesh Nakhale 
He is working as Loco Pilot TLC in Indian Railways @ Nagpur He is associated with BANAE from last 12 years and is active member of BAMCEF also.

Executive Member :-

Er. Dilip Ambade 
B. E. (E), LL.B., PGDHR, DIM, MB A (HR), MA, (DAT) 
He is working as Executive Engineer, MSEDCL @ He is associated with BANAE from last -------years and is active member of BAMCEF also.

Executive Member :-

Er. Jayant Ingle 
B E (Civil) 
He is working as Executive Engineer in Irrigation Department He is associated with BANAE from last 8 years & has worked as Joint Secretary BANAE during last term.

Executive Member :-

KAMBLE [B.E. (Electronics), M.Tech(Electronics)MBA (HR), MBA(PM)] 
He is working as Asst. Professor & Placement Officer in Vidya Niketan Engineering college. He is associated with BANAE from last Four years.