Wednesday, 25 March 2015

AIMS and Objects of the Association

  • To organize and foster sense of unity and Nationality amongst the persons of backward classes belonging to Engineering profession all over the country and abroad.      
  • Student Welfare Activity
  • To work as in information centre for the students to help them in their career planning as an Engineering.
  • To organize and run Coaching classes for the deserving students seeking admission in Engineering colleges.
  • To organize and run libraries
  • To fight against the discriminatory attitude towards the student. 
  • To promote and guard the special rights and privileges of student of backward communities at the time of admission and also during the period of their students.        
  • To help the student in getting the right amount of scholarships and in time.
  • Arranging extra coaching and turorials for the needy student of Engineering colleges/Institution. 
  • To groom and guide students for better jobs through competitive Examination of U.P.S.C. etc.    
  • To help student s in securing hostel accommodation
  • To hire or construct hostel accommodation for Engineering students. 
  • To offer financial assistance to the students in diro needs and distress in the form of loans 
  • To secure scholarships for higher studies in foreign countries. 
  • To work for personality development and image building of students of backward communities.

  • To achieve professional excellence.
  • To arrange seminars, lectures, exhibition and culture show
  • To encourage member to write technical person on Engineering subjects and arrange discussion on such subjects among the members.
  • To establish libraries and subscribe for technical literature, journals,periodicals for their technical knowledge in various fields.
  • To established educational institutions to help growth of knowledge and sense of fraternity in the society in general.
  • To establish and organize training classes and arrange refresher courses, orientation and accliration sotion courses to improve the professional standards and development of personality amongst workers/ member
  • To obtain help and guidance from similar organization, from the country and abroad
  • To help organizations, having similar aims and object.
  • To publish periodicals and information bulletins
  • To opprise the member of the achievement of that Association, in context of aims and objects set by the association.
  • To promote and unfoguard the special rights and privileges granted to the weaker sections backward classes under the provisions of the Indian constitution.
  • To take action for redressal of grievance of the member during their services career.
  • To give wide publicity of job opportunities and ensure maximum intake in the Governments, semi-Government and private sectors from amongst the member of the Association.
  • To keep up-to-date account of the qualities engineers belonging to backward community, seeking jobs on one hand and the opportunities and vacancies available or advertised on the other hand, and match them together for affording them with right type of jobs as far as possible.
  • To help and guide the Engineers of backward community so as to create better awareness amongst them towards various facilities, concessions and special dispensation as available to them under various Gazzette Notification, Government Memorandum, circulars, Directives etc.
  • To seek recognition from National, International and Governmental agencies and departments

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