Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Economic Activities

Economic Activities

The general mindset of our community is to depend on services that we are getting out of reservations. However due to globalization and privatisation the socio- economic structure of society as a whole has considerably changed and it has become difficult to get jobs. (the process has already started) Naturely we have to lay the way in business, trade & entraprenership, for coming generation. We must prepare our community to have a substantial stake in this field which will definately safegaurd the socio- economic interest of coming generation in future.

Due to globalisation the world has come closer & globe has become market. We can avail this facility of market by satisfying needs of community. The rules, regulation, market position, demands, need supply & availability of raw material, the machineries & equiptment required for production & the detail process can be assessed through internet. Besides the world of advertisement captures the sentiments of customer, creating demands which can be linked up with sales. The products which otherwise were hard to get the market is having many options to sale due to free & competative market.

Government of India has notified that 4% procurement of annual requirement for goods & services by all Central Ministries, Public Sector Undertaking will be from Micro & small enterprises (MSE) owned by SC/ST entrepreneur. The policy will become mandatory from year 2015 onwards. Besides both Central & state government has given many facilities to backword classes for establishing new business.

In the era of globlisation, to be an entrepreneur has become a sign of prosperity. Therefore it is felt that engineers upcoming from our community should jump in to the field of business, trade & entrepreneurship. BANAE has already created a “Entrapreneur cell” to help and cater guidance to develop & establish business. It is requested to contract Er. Prafulla Wankhede Joint Secretary BANAE (Mobil No. 9822693727) in this regards.

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