Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Social Welfare Activities

Printing & Distribution ‘Buddha & His Dhamma’
While talking about the essential steps required for revival of ‘Buddha Dhamma’ in India, Dr.Ambedkar, at Rangoon’s ‘World Fellowship of Buddhist’ Conference on 4th Dec 1954, expressed the dire need of a book about ‘Buddha Dhamma’ which can be kept by a every Buddhist converts with him, as it is wrong to expect the studying of 73 Volumes of Pali Tripitaka by a common man. Accordingly he has written & gave us the book ‘Buddha & his Dhamma’ after embracing us in Dhamma on 14th Oct 1956 at Nagpur.

‘Buddha Dhamma’ is human centered. It gives the teachings of Equality, Liberty & Fraternity. It also stresses on ‘be the light of self’ (Atta Deepa Bhava) which resulted in liberating the man from Atma-Parmatma & Superstition-Magic.

Dr Ambedkar has owed to make whole of India, the Buddhist. After his Mahaparinirvan, it is the responsibility of every individual to fulfill his owe & for that it is the duty of every individual to propagate the Dhamma. To start with we need to have ‘Buddha & his Dhamma’ book with every individual. This book available in market is costing around Rs 200/- which cannot be afforded by the poor person who is struggling for his two square meal & suffering from hands to mouth condition.

Keeping this constraints of poor in mind & to act on direction given by Dr Ambedkar at Rangoon & also in partial fulfillment of his owe, BANAE had decided to print & distribute this book at very nominal cost. On every ‘Dhamma Chakra Pravartan day’, 10 to 15 lakhs of our people, mostly pertaining to villages, visit Deeksha Bhoomi Nagpur. BANAE has grabbed this opportunity to reach to such poor people.

Accordingly from year 2010 upto 2014, about 3.10 lakh copies in different languages namely Marathi, Hindi & English have been printed & distributed at Deeksha Bhoomi by BANAE.

Pranshna Manjusha and Shodh Nibandha

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