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Student Welfare Activities

Student Welfare Activities

Maharashtra public Service Commision Maharashtra Service of Engineers

MPSC is a constitutional body established under Article 315 of Constitution of India. It provides a smooth and efficient functioning of Govt. of Maharashtra by providing suitable candidates for various Govt. posts and advice Govt. on various matters like formulation of Recruitment Rules (RR), promotions, transfers, & disciplinary matters et.

MPSC recruit Class -I & Class-II posts of various Govt. Departments such as Revenue, Home, Medical, Finance besides Engg. Services in Irrigation and Public Works Dept.

As for as Engineering Services are concerned MPSC is conducting competative Examination for following points.

  1. Assistant Engineer (civil) class – II (Group B)
  2. Assistant Engineer (civil) class – I ) (Group A)
  3. Assistant Executive Engineer (civil)  (Group A)
  4. Deputy Engineer Electrical, Electrical  Inspecter (Group A)
  5. Deputy Engineer Mechanical (Group A)
The candidate those are selected as Assistant Engineer -II are eligible from promotion as Sub-divisional Engineer, Executive Engineer Candidates those selected for Assistant Engineer – I are eligible to get promotion as Executive Engineer within 8-10 years & further promotion Supritanding Engineer. Candidate selected as Assistant Executive Engineers get promoted after 4 yrs. & can get further promotion as Superitanding Engineer, Chief Engineer upto secretary. Similar chances are available to candidates selected in Electrical/ Mechanical Wing)

The Examination for above posts are conducted almost every year and the programme for the same is declared on MPSC web site alongwith syllabus & Questain papers of last examination.

The candidates have to go for following Competative examination for Maharashtra Service of Engineers.

Sr. No.Name of  ExamGrope AGrope B
1Precliminary100 Marks100 Marks
2Main Exam750 Marks550 Marks
3Interview100 Marks75 Marks

The Details of Electrical/ Mechanical Wing are available on MPSC Website.

The Graduates Coming out of the Engineering college are adviced to compete for such examinations & necessary Guidance to them shall be provided by BANAE.

Financial Assistance to Students.

Some of the students persuing studies in Engineering colleges/polytechnic come from poor Family. Some of them get adimisions in Govt. Backward Class Hostel, however some of them take education on thire own. It is a matter of apprehesion that due to poor financial position they may quit their studies. It is therefore necessorry to give them financial assistance so that they can continue their studies, become sucessful Engineers of serve the society in future.

In order to fulfill this noble cause BANAE has taken initiative and planned scheme of financial assistance. The Guidelines for students eligible for financial assistance are as below.
  1. Any student aspiring for Engg. Degree/Diploma shall be regular students & shall be eligible ofter passing previous year /semester or shall be at least promoted to next /semester.
  2. The income of family shall be same as applicable for GOI Scholership.
  3. The selected students shall be enrolled as student member of BANAE and ofter passing Degree/Diploma they should enroll as LM of BANAE.
  4. The Assistance is  refundable and payable after he gets service & a bond to that effect is executed.
  5. The Assistance shall be deposited through cheque / ECS.
  It is requested to students aspiring for engineering Degree/Diploma to take advantage of this facility with the Association.

Student Chapter

The students of Engineering colleges/Polytechnics are future “Assests” of our society. During their student life they should be made aware of thoughts of Dr. Babasahen Ambedkar, Dhamma and also the importance of Organisation.

BANAE in its constitution has made a Provision of students members & formation of student chapter. Any student of engineering having faith in ideology and philosophy of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is eligible for student membership. In case the no. of student members exceeds 50 they can form a seperat executive Committee which will be duly elected by students Members as per the guidlines speciefied in constitution.

The student executive Committee shall have the same constitution as per the branch executive Committee and its President & Secretary shall be co-opted members of Executive Committee. In case of non existence of students executive Committee, two suitable students will be co-opted as members of executive Committee.

The students are requested to come forward to form the student chapter and take part in the Activities of BANAE.

Click Here for MPSC Website 

Personality Development

Everybody wants to be successful in life. In order & survive in todays world one needs to be smart and quick oriented all the time. It is no longer howmuch effort you put into your work but ones personality also has a lot to do with what one achieves.

Personality Develoment is something which is considered as inspiring the way we think, feel, behave and carry ourselves. It is a cluster of qualities help in achieving and presenting oneself in a better way.

Students passing from Engineering Colleges have to appear for interview for getting jobs in corporate sector, Public service, commissions etc. It is found that students appearing for interview are losing in Personality Develoment and weak in English. Due to this our candidates although good in professional knowledge are deprired from getting selected.

Looking to this asped BANAE has Planned for Personality Development and English Speaking courses to build up the confidence in them while facing interviews to build up their carrier.

Admission Guidance to IIT / NIT / Engineering Colleges

Felicitation of Merit Students

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